Massachusetts Delivery Association

To Support, Educate and Promote Businesses Involved in the Messenger & Courier Industry within Massachusetts

MCAA's Grassroots Materials

This document provides an overview of the less than 24-hour delivery industry and its value to the economy.

This document is to be distributed right before you leave a meeting with an elected official or his/her staff. It provides your elected official with quick information regarding the courier industry in both bullet point and paragraph form.

This document is a position paper by the MCAA in support of the historically accepted independent contractor business model.

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to the Massachusetts' version of the MCAA's Grassroots Program.

This document provides several key topic points that should be mentioned when meeting with an elected official or his/her staff. Information such as the overall contributions and challenges of the industry are discussed.

This document explains every aspect of a typical meeting with an elected official. It provides details about how to perform a productive meeting where both you and the elected official or his/her staff is satisfied with the results. 

Informational Links

House Act 1844 - Act that corrects the 2004 Amendment that changed how an Independent Contractor is defined.

2004 Amendment that changed how Independent Contractors are defined in Massachusetts. Note number 2 under Section 148B. The end of number 2 previously said "or" -- the amendment made the change to "and".  

Independent Contractor Advisory from the MA Attorney General  can be found here.


Governor Deval L. Patrick announcment of how important small business is to the economic development of Massachusetts can be found here.


Executive Order 499 By Governor Deval L. Patrick can be found here. This order sets up a Task Force to seek out "individuals and businesses that operate in the underground economy".


A Listing of all Massachusetts House of Representatives with their bio links, email address and office number, can be found here.  


A Listing of all massachusetts Senate Member with their bio links, email address and office numbers, can be found here.