Massachusetts Delivery Association

To Support, Educate and Promote Businesses Involved in the Messenger & Courier Industry within Massachusetts

What Can You Do?

Everyone needs to get involved. We need to be unified and get everyone involved. Below you can see what you can do as a Small Business Owner, an Independent Contractor, an Employee, or a Customer.


  • Contact your local state representatives in the house and senate


  • Tell them that you live and/or own a business in their district


  • Educate them on who you are and what you do:
    • Tell them how long you've been in business
    • What your business does
    • Industries and clients you service
    • How many people you employee
    • How many small business Independent Contractors you work with
    • That you business & the industry have been working the same way for decades


  • Explain to them what is happening in your industry
    • 2004 - Amendment to a bill passed that was intended to prevent illegal aliens from working in the construction industry on the "Big Dig". The amendment changed the ABC test Massachusetts used to determine Independent Contractor status.
    • 2007 - Task force created by Governor Patrick to seek out what he describes as the "Underground Economy"
    • 2008 - Aggressive class action lawyers suing courier companies after becoming aware of the change in the law and how it impacts the business model used for decades in the same day courier industry
    • 2009 - Massachusetts Attorney General's Office decision to investigate the use of Independent Contractors in the same day courier industry
    • 2010 - Attorney General's Office requesting meeting with companies in the same day courier industry


  • Ask your local state legislature to:
    • Support House Act 1844 trying to be introduced by Michael J. Rodrigues & Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
    • Call the Attorney General Martha Coakley and explain to her how important our industry is to jobs and the economy of Massachusetts. Ask her to not target our industry and to come to some type of workable solution as has been done in CT, NY, NJ and the legislation currently working its way through the Vermont State Legislature (Bill 257 & Bill 251).




  • Kill your small business
  • Kill jobs in your small business
  • Seriously impact and kill the small business independent contractors you work with
  • Hurt constituents that are trying to be entrepreneurial and build their own small businesses
  • That this will hurt the businesses that your company serves(hospitals, medical labs, office supply companies, banks, pharmacies, long term care facilities, etc.)